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We are Michaela and Radek, two almost twenty-five-year-old soul mates who have been wandering the world together for over four years. Together during our university years, we managed to visit 22 countries, from Asia to the Caribbean with minimal costs. On the way, we experience various adventures, meet people with interesting stories, try different dishes and visit interesting places. And we would like to inspire you a little through our blog and make it easier for you to plan your trips. You will find here everything from our stories to itineraries :). In addition, for most of our trips, we write the exact amount of our costs to confirm that traveling can be really affordable.


Hi, I am Michaela and I will soon celebrate a quarter of a century on this planet. For me, traveling is something I can’t imagine my life without. As a child, I loved traveling with my parents and going on excursions with my school, but probably the biggest break came after a month in Ireland on Erasmus. I love the feeling of happiness after buying a ticket to an unknown destination. Traveling is also the best “school of life”, every experience, good or bad, pushes me further and broadens my horizons. I really like meeting new people, trying new food and discovering new places. On my “account” I have 36 countries of the world and on my imaginary bucket all the countries that exist.
So far, I probably liked Georgia and Iceland the most and I’m very happy to have someone to share these trips with ❤️

A few things from my bucket list of what I would like to do in years to come 🙂

Michaela Sirovátková

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Hi! My name is Radek and I’m 24, actually 25 years old, f*ck, time flies so fast … I fell in love with travel during my childhood, when my parents took me on a holiday. What started with a great fruit cocktail on the beach in Tunisia has turned into my greatest passion and lifestyle at the same time. I visited 37 countries, from which I brought thousands of beautiful memories. I like to say that we will not find the real world on the screens of our monitors, but out of our comfort zone.

Like every traveler, I also have my dream destinations / activities that I would like them to come true:

I am so happy I have a partner who will come with me 🙂

Radek Ernest


How it all began?

Our story began to be written in 2017 in Prague, where we officially met for the first time! (We are very happy to say that it was actually beyond the Arctic Circle – it sounds better, doesn’t it?). At that time, we both traveled in the Scandinavia with a travel agency and that brought us together. We both went with our families on a nearly 3-week bus tour around the Arctic Circle and, by some strange coincidence, sat side by side across the alley. The story was a bit more complicated, but to cut it short, fate brought us together again a few months after the aforementioned journey .. And since then we have formed an inseparable couple – partners for life and travel!

Why “Backpack Yourself”?

The name was hard to find .. but the phrase “Backpack Yourself” perfectly describes us and the style of our travel. In 99 cases out of 100, we travel only with a small backpack, which low-cost airlines usually allow on board for free. So why are we actually doing this? From the beginning, it was mainly to save money and not have to pay extra money for a larger luggage. Over time, we have come to understand what is truly essential and what is not. Traveling with a backpack is much easier and it is also true that the less we take, the less we can lose or forget 🙂

Backpack Yourself

Where can you follow us ?

We are both quite creative individuals, so in addition to writing a blog, we also have a youtube channel. You can watch travel videos on our youtube channel Backpack Yourself.

We will be very happy if you take a look at our facebook page, where we regularly add photos, videos and stories, and the same goes for instagram.