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If you are planning a trip to Brussels and want to find some information on Google by typing “Brussels – What to do”  – in most of the cases, you’ll find links to articles about (french)Belgian fries, mussels, chocolate, waffles, beer and more fries. Brussels really is about these things, but you would be surprised, how much more it has to offer. 

You can start your tour on the main square with great coffee and continue for a delicious beer to a bar called “Quick death” surrounded by coffins (only decoration – don’t worry!). Brussels can’t compete with other capital cities like Rome, London or Paris. There aren’t that many sights or history, but it can offer you petanque competitions and a taste of an easy-going lifestyle that you will fall in love with. 

Radek had lived in Brussels for many years before he moved to Prague and we have visited Brussels couple times together. We both love coming back to Belgium – there are so many places to explore! In this article you will get to know few interesting things about Brussels and Belgium, so you can enjoy your visit to the maximum. 


Belgium is divided into 3 parts: Northern part (Flemish region), Southern part (Wallonia) and somewhere in the middle – is the capital city Brussels.  The official languages are Dutch (spoken in the Flemish region) and French (spoken in Wallonia). In Brussels are spoken both of these languages. You can’t speak any of these two? No worries! Just be polite and learn some basic phrases like “Bonjour” and the locals will be more than happy to help you, even if you continue your sentence in english. 


In Brussels you can travel by bus, tram, underground… but our most favorite mean of transportation is something that is around 5 km/ h fast, something that we all have and something that can get you anywhere you want –  You have guessed it right – FEET. 

All the main sights can be “done” in one or two days, because most of them are close to each other. We recommend to stay in Belgium for at least 4 days and travel to Ghent or Brugges. 

If you want to stay in Brussels for more days and plan to use the underground, we highly recommend you to buy a card called “MOBIB” – all of the journeys will be cheaper than if you buy a regular ticket. 


Prices in Brussels are similar to prices in France/Paris – a bit more expensive than in our country the Czech Republic. How much you spend, depends only on you and your preferences. If you want to eat 3 meals per day in a fancy restaurant in the city centre – we can not promise you a low-cost holiday. 

If you don’t mind cooking – the cheapest supermarket chain is called “ALDI”.



Have you been to Brussels /Belgium and haven’t tried any local food ?? If your answer is YES, you should definitely get on a plane and immediately fly back! Just kidding 🙂 But you should definitely try some local specialities when visiting Brussels. 


Mussels are traditional meal in Belgium – if you enjoy eating seafood you won’t regret buying them. Where can you buy the best mussels? Definitely in Rue des brouchers – the price is around 14 euros. Be careful – the waiter will offer you wine that goes well with mussels. The wine can cost more than 50 euros! It is a lot, if you travel on low-budget like us.. 


Do not expect small fries like from the Czech McDonald’s. Belgian fries are delicious and served in big portions! Best fries you can get in Fritland (close to the city centre). If you see a never ending queue, you’re in the right place. Even the king od Belgium goes there sometimes. The price of one (really big) portion is around 4 euros and we recommend you to share it with your partner… If you want to save some space in your stomach for dessert – delicious waffles. 


You can buy waffles everywhere you go in Brussels. If you love sweets – this is the right country to visit. You can put everything on the waffle – fresh fruit, chocolate, whipped cream.. delicious! 


Belgian pralines are an amazing gastro-experience. Again, you can find shops with pralines everywhere you go. Our favorite pralines are called “Bruyerre” and you can find it on Grand Place. 


Belgians are proud of their beer – just like us – people from the Czech Republic. And they have a very good reason! Their bear is truly awesome. You can buy beer in a supermarket for really cheap, but we suggest that you should visit a local pub (for the amazing atmosphere!). Radek has a few favorite places to go. One of them is Delirium Café – they have everything but coffee. You can choose from more than 2000 types of beer from 60 countries – coconut beer, chocolate beer.. they have everything. This place is just great! 

Next on the list we have “Rock classic”. The entrance looks like a church, but this place is very popular. Great beer and great music! You can listen to a live concert of revival bands Deep Purple, Metallica or Iron Maiden.

And last but not least we recommend a nice pub with really creepy name “ La Mort Subite” = which means Quick death. Amazing interior and even better beer. 

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