10 Places to visit in Ireland

Planning a trip to Ireland? You’re in the right place! I will help you create an amazing itinerary. 

Ireland will always have a special place in my heart. I really enjoy sunny, warm and hot weather.. but Ireland is just that special to me, that I can truly imagine living there. Ireland has probably the most unpredictable weather in Europe.. but the nature is incredibly green, the Irish culture is interesting and people are very friendly. I have never probably met friendlier nation that Irish people.

I visited Ireland in 2014 for the first time. I applied for a month long internship in my school and guess what! They chose me and I was soo excited. I worked in a beautiful town in the south Cobh in a museum Cobh Heritage Centre. It was an amazing experience ! It was my first “big trip” and I fell in love with traveling and I fell in love with Ireland. 

In 2017 I applied again for an internship with Erasmus+ and again I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen people. I worked in a travel agency in Cork and had amazing colleagues. 

And for now my last visit was in august 2019 when I went on a girl’s trip with my mom to Dublin, Northern Ireland and a few more beautiful places! 

In this article I would like to share with you my top 10 places to see when visiting this incredible country. 


Beautiful Cobh is located approximately 30 minutes by train from Cork. Cobh was the last stop for Titanic before its journey to America. If you are interested in Irish history, you should definitely visit Cobh Heritage Centre. If you want know more information about Titanic – visit The Titanic Experience

Cobh is a beautiful town with cathedral, beautiful promenade, many parks.. and just great Irish atmosphere! Spend here a night or two and visit a local pub (for example Roaring Donkey). 



Definitely give a chance to the second largest city of Ireland – Cork. You can get there from Dublin by an air coach, which runs from the airport. Cork is definitely less touristy than Dublin. 

I recommend taking a part of Cork city Ghost tour – really interesting! In Cork I recommend visiting cathedral, Cork city gaol, university campus UCC Cork and Blackrock Castle. There are many parks – I really liked Fitzgerald’s park. 

If you are interested in whiskey, you can visit Jameson distillery in Midleton – you can get there by train. 

Cork Ireland


This beach is located in the south of Ireland near Cork City. In summer you can enjoy a cold swim in the ocean 🙂

Myrtlevile beach


Imagine.. how great would it be to have the “gift” of eloquence?

You can get this “gift” at the one and only Blarney castle. You can kiss the famous stone of eloquence! How can you find it? Well.. look for the longest queue and you’re in the right place.

If you are scared of heights like me.. this will bring the adrenaline into your veins..trust me 🙂 You can reach Blarney by bus from Cork. This place is a bit more touristy but really beautiful. The Blarney castle is surrounded by big gardens. 

Blarney Castle


Dingle peninsula can be found in the southwest of Ireland. Its one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to. You can enjoy breathtaking views (I am not exaggerating at all!) of the coastline and picturesque towns and villages. A nice stop is Slea Head (photo), definitely stop attacking  the Inch beach and visit the town of Dingle. Enjoy your ride on the Wild Atlantic Way!

Slead Head Ireland


Mizen Head is located in the southwest of Ireland. I highly recommend checking the weather forecast before the visit. We weren’t lucky with weather.. but it could be even worse. It was really foggy and we were able to see only  a little of the impressive coastline. This place must be so beautiful when the weather is nice! 

You can walk on this bridge – when the wind allows you to do so. Ireland can be really windy and dangerous. The whole visit takes about 2 hours and I promise you won’t regret visiting this place. 

Mizen Head


This place is unreal.. I felt soo small when I was walking on these giant cliffs. This place is beautiful but very dangerous, so please be careful when visiting the Cliffs of Moher.

During my last visit the wind was so strong, that I wasn’t feeling comfortable. The walk is divided into 2 parts – safe zone behind a little fence (or something like that) and zone for crazy people. I was so surprised how stupid people can be.. and what are they willing to do for a selfie. 

Bad news for drone lovers – flying a drone is forbidden .. but it’s maybe for the better – my drone would fly away because of the wind. 

Star Wars lovers would definitely want to see “The Burren” – an area located close to the Cliffs. 

Cliffs of Moher


National Park Killarney is located in the southwest of Ireland in county Kerry. It is the oldest national park in Ireland and covers the area of 103 km2. Beautiful views, lakes, green forests and impressive nature.. this place is definitely worth visiting. You can visit a town Killarney along the way – this town is a great starting point for your visit. 

Killarney Ireland


Picturesque fishing village, that can be easily reached by train from Dublin. The journey takes around 30 minutes and it is the last stop – some of the names are written in Irish, so don’t  be confused. 

Take a walk around the harbor and keep your eye on the water. If you’re lucky enough, you can see cute seals. You should definitely hike to “Howth Cliff Walk” such a beautiful scenery! We went there in August and everything was in bloom. If you are scared of heights, be careful!  You can ask for a map in the visitor centre near the harbor. 

Howth Ireland


For me is the Ireland’s capital definitely one of the must see places! It has an amazing atmosphere, great history and PUBS! You should definitely experience the atmosphere in a pub with a pint (or two) of Guiness. If you travel to Dublin in summer be prepared for loots of tourists. 

Dublin Ireland
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